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Davis Caribbean Takeaway and Bakery is more than just a provider of top class Caribbean foods. The bakery is an institution amongst other bakeries. Davis has stood the test of time – operating since 1954, Davis Takeaway & Bakery is the first Caribbean bakery in the United Kingdom to bake Jamaican bread. That tradition has continued up to today.

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We bake on the premises; the bakery uses traditional handmade techniques, in original brick oven used in the 1960’s to give baked products that authentic taste. Davis Bakery products are all manually produced.

Caribbean takeaway food Birmingham

Davis Caribbean foods are cooked and produced using specially designed recipes and seasoning passed down in the Davis family tradition. We pride ourselves on authentic Jamaican meals such as our national dish ‘ackee and saltfish’, steamed fish, red peas soup, curry goat to name a few.


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    “ I travelled over 400 miles for the only place in Britain where you eat good bread, buns and excellent Caribbean foods. Everytime I come to Birmingham that’s where I head”
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